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Natural Autumn Stripes


6x Natural Autumn Stripes

Product code: BTSilk-03
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There is nothing quite like a pure silk scarf, and some say that there is nothing as smooth, sheer or floaty Thai silk.  Handmade using traditional Batik methods this range of Silk scarves add a real touch of glamour. The patterns are unique, no two pieces are identical. Making particularly special gifts.

Sold in packs of six - each with a particular Batik pattern in complementary colours - two by three colours per outer.

The process of hand dyeing using only 100% natural dyes is very time consuming. It often requires a very early start to the day (before the sun comes up) in order to get the necessary materials in a pristine condition. 
Then it may take few days of hard physical work to create these lovely scarves which give you that very soft and smooth feel…
Origin Thailand
Unit weight 0.100Kg
Unit dimensions
Pure Thai Silk
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