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Jute Supermarket Shopping Bags



Jute Supermarket Shopping Bags

Jute Supermarket Shopping Bags with printed messages on or just plain, so your customers can print them and customize as they like. Hip Angels bags are 100% bio-degradable and Eco-friendly too.

Do you ever forget to take bags to the supermarket and end up looking like the uncaring eco-twerp who doesn't care about saving the earth and has to folk out 5p to carry your shopping back to the car, and probably choke some poor future sea creature. Well problem solved our witty bags remind you to put the bag in the car now.. then no danger of forgetting. Check out JSS-02 & JSS-03 cool or what.

Jute bags are fast becoming one of our best sellers, they are ideal to use for campaign, events, farm shops and grocery stores. Strong and practical, these bags are built to last and can be used time and time again, our bags are capable of holding heavy weights and feature strong handles, to make carrying heavier items more comfortable and secure.

Sustainable and long lasting, these bags are of the highest quality and offer unbelievable value for money, the prices start from £1.45 and can be sold easily for £3.50 they are not to be missed!
5x Standard Shopping Bag - 35x40x15cm
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5x Jute Shopping Bag - My Shopping Bag
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5x Jute Shopping Bag - Keep Calm
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1x Posh Emb Shopping Bag - 35x40x15cm Des 2
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1x Posh Emb Shopping Bag - 40x43x13cm Des 2
Out of Stock
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