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Stock Scarves



Stock Scarves

We're delighted to announce our new range of Stock Scarves. These are all one off stock clearance from a high end factory in Zhejiang Province. We bought the whole factory stock to bring you this spectacular deal.

We have for a long time been on a mission to find the fast selling scarf range. In other words a quality fashion scarf that can be sold for the magic 3 for £5. Usually this deal is for simple designs and small size (45x160cm) here we have mostly large sizes, typically 90x180cm in fresh designs with lots of details.

The STG-MX contains random mix of scarves including some truly high end scarves that could retail up to £20 and includes many of the pictured designs below. If you are happy to just get a good value selection opt for this. If you want to choose particular designs then opt for the numbered range below. These are all While Stocks Last, so don't miss out.

NB: We have put a RRP of £6 because depending on your type of market you can easily achieve this retail price. If you buy the STG-MX random mix you may want to select the better scarves for a higher retail prices and sell the rest on offer.
So let your customers choose their own style with Hip Angels stock scarves. Order today.
12x Loop Scarves Anchors and Stars
In stock. For prices, please login or register
20x Pastel Pattons
In stock. For prices, please login or register
20x Zulu Zigzags Scarves
In stock. For prices, please login or register
20x Tiny Things Scarves
In stock. For prices, please login or register
20x Ethnic Elephants
Out of Stock
10x MX Quality Scarves - Random mix
Out of Stock
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